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  1. Where do you live, and how many/ ages of kids? I live in New York City and have two kids, Reade and Sydney and they are 21 and 20.
  1. When did you start your business, and what was the inspiration
      • I started my business about 20 years as a children’s brand—that’s how I met my now lifelong friends Heather and Jenny. I was always inspired by adult clothes and menswear fabrics for kids which gave my collection a more sophisticated design aesthetic.  Eventually my kids outgrew children’s clothing and I very naturally became a women’s line.  Still the same inspiration.  Now I just sell to the mothers of my original customers.   I am incredibly excited to be in the Poppy Stores again after all these years.
      1. Proudest moment in business/ proudest moment as a mother? Biggest challenge? I remember the day when I was at the Brentwood Country Mart and setting up for the Kule pop-up shop in the Post Office. It was just me and my kids, Reade and Sydney. With the music playing, the three of us unpacked boxes, folded tee shirts and merchandised the store. They said they were so proud of me, which was not usually the case. At that moment the blood, sweat, and tears of running my own business and being a parent all came together into a moment of pure joy.


      1. Any tips for staying sane during quarantine? I feel lucky because I have been able to focus on work. I also started a meditation app and I have never meditated before. While I enjoy the serenity of the meditation, the thing that really keep me sane is running. Although now I have to run with a mask on, so I need to meditate to forget about the mask.


      1. Dream destination once we can travel again? 100% I will be off to Italy. My favorite place on earth. My husband and I had a scheduled trip to Milan this month, which I was looking forward to. Given everything they have been through, it will have extra special meaning to go there and take in all that incredible beauty, and eat that delicious food, and see my Italian friends.


      1. Silver lining of this crazy time There are record levels of family bonding, humanity and fish.  We are stuck in a NYC apartment and we still love each other.  What could be better?  In New York City, there is a new spirit of humanity that is spreading.  And in Venice, it is wonderful to see that there are fish swimming in the Canals again. 


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