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1.  Where do you live, and how many/ ages of kids?
Brentwood, California
2 children: Owen (10) and Byrdie (6)
2. When did you start your business, and what was the inspiration?
We started Sugar Paper is 2003 after falling in love with the art of letterpress printing. We have always believed in the power of the handwritten note and now more than ever we see mail making a comeback to help people feel connected from afar. Putting love in the mail is what we do best.
3. Proudest moment in business/ proudest moment as a mother? Biggest challenge?
I feel proud of Sugar Paper often. What started with a small printing press and a retail store on a small street in Los Angeles has become a nationally recognized brand. To see our work in iconic stores like London’s Harrods and accessible stores like Target is still unbelievable to us.
Right now, I’m incredibly proud of both of my children. They are handing the “safer at home” orders with more grace than I could have imagined. They’re pitching in, doing chores, going to school via Zoom. It’s a lot to ask small children and I feel so proud of their resilience.
4. Any tips for staying sane during quarantine?
It’s all about the little things. I used to be too busy with to-dos to dive into a messy art project with my daughter on a Tuesday afternoon. Now I submit completely and it fills her up. We’re finding joy in simplicity.
5. Dream destination once we can travel again?
Blackberry Farm in Tennessee. The idea of wide open fields of green sounds dreamy after being at home in LA.
6. Silver lining of this crazy time?
As a working mother I have always had a deep desire to stop time and just enjoy my kids while they’re small. That opportunity has now been handed to me and I’m not going to squander it away.

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