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1.  Where do you live, and how many/ ages of kids?

We are currently living in Charleston, SC. I have three kids, Theo (5), Georgia (3) and Julian (3 months)


2. When did you start your business, and what was the inspiration?

I started my business in Newport Beach, CA. I grew up in California and the beach has always been a huge part of my life, appreciating it even more so as a new mother. Our favorite playground. 


The idea for minnow came when my husband and then 14 month old son, we were doing a home exchange for the summer in London. We decided to take a weekend trip to the amalfi coast so I began to look for a suit for my son. It was mid July in London ( a city with a huge children's clothing offering) and I had the hardest time finding a suit for my son without cartoons or loud decals on it. It got me thinking, back home I had the same problem. I often bought vintage suits off etsy so the length would hit my son above his knee - for function + style. I started thinking, why was it so hard to find classic, simple swim options? Once I got home from our home exchange, I went to work on my first piece - classic +  clean boardies for my son! 


3. Proudest moment in business/ proudest moment as a mother? Biggest challenge?

For me, these two really go hand in hand. Being able to grow my family while growing the business and having my kids not only be my muses but be so naturally integrated into my work. Days at the beach with my kids, family travel, these are my greatest passions in life, and these moments are what we promote and outfit at minnow.


4. Any tips for staying sane during quarantine?

Morning walks, drives alone, being outside really. The great weather here has saved us! 


5. Dream destination once we can travel again?

Anywhere! Or everywhere! I've never felt more of the itch. Our first trip will mostly be back to California to visit and spend time with family + cousins (hopefully this summer!)


6. Silver lining of this crazy time?

Running a business with a third baby, the slowed down time was a sweet surprise, I got the maternity leave I didn't think I was going to get.

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