mini sir crab

mini sir crab

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Surprisingly the Mini Crab's favorite thing to eat is carrots. It makes his claws orange but he doesn’t mind. It runs in the familyThe Mini Crab is made out of handpicked Cottons and Faux Furs. Attention is paid to the smallest details. Seams are strong and eyes safe.

Dimensions: 6.2" H

16.5" W

It all started with a new baby, and Dana Muskat worked tirelessly for 3 months to create the very first BigStuffed, a large white octopus for her niece. She went on and created the first albino whale for her best friend's newborn baby, and what started as a labor of love for her niece became a tradition that saw friends, family and friends of friends reach out to these adorable stuffed animals.

In 2014 BigStuffed was born, created to celebrate abandoned albino creatures left to fend for themselves due to their differences. With their unique appearance but distinct droopy eyes, BigStuffed plushies were designed to be different and unique, exuding emotion and camaraderie.