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Fun Summer Activities and Memories

During the summer, it’s easy when you have free time to hang on your phone or TV surf, but this summer I would encourage everyone to spend a little more time outdoors and be engaged with your family. Spending quality time with one another is important in creating a strong family unit.  If you can’t get away, having a family game night or getting people together for flashlight tag is something that you and your kids will remember and cherish always. After discussing with my staff, I wanted to share some of our favorite activities that we did growing up and adding some with an updated twist.

Lemonade Stand: Along with your lemonade stand, bake some of your favorite cookies. Instead of keeping the proceeds for yourself, donate to your favorite charity.

Board GamesSome of my favorite memories are playing board games with my family. Every year in the Vineyard I play scrabble with my childhood best friend and do puzzles with my family. It is something we look forward to every year. Other games we enjoy are, backgammon, categories and charades. 

Capture the Flag: Get everyone in the neighborhood together for a good old game of capture the flag or flashlight tag. You can buy cheap flashlights and black tshirts on!

Bike Riding: Everyone at Poppy remembers riding bikes around their neighborhood!  Get on your bikes and do a family trip to your local ice cream shop or frozen yogurt shop.

I hope this brings back memories of your childhood and reminds you to get involved with your kids. I hope everyone has a wonderful summer.





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